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We are naturally musical.

We naturally buoy towards wellbeing.


Play and melody are two of our best guiding lights.


I´m Heather Hightower.

I love the glow of singing, the thrill and demand of vocal athletics and the joy of harmony and collective song.

You want to sound great and feel great when you perform and you want to have fun along the way. You want solid, healthy technique and you want to feel your own shine.

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.


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“I asked my son how he would describe Heather, and without hesitation, inspirational was his reply. As a parent, Heather is the person you hope to be fortunate
enough to have in your child’s life. Her enthusiasm in the way she approaches her craft sweeps you away and creates a world of hope, strength, compassion and joy. It is difficult to not be inspired by her!”


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