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Year after year, I have found myself helping people love and enjoy their voice.
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A lot of it - if not all - has to do with coming back to love.

Knowing you're loved.

​Finding a feeling and sharing that feeling.

I love the word "encourage." At its root, the word means to "make strong, hearten," to "see heart."​

I have been teaching voice since 2012 and have done my best to follow the music as it invites me into new and evolving spaces. This has lead me abroad to teach music in the highlands of Guatemala, begin and grow a non-auditioned middle school boys choir, open a brick and mortar community voice studio dedicated to the art and craft of the human voice in the heart of Charlottesville, VA, and lean into my commercial property skills to pivot the space into a thriving community health and wellness center.


Like anyone I am guiding through voice, letting my voice and song lead is an ongoing personal devotion and adventure in faith and joy. Sometimes it's really challenging and then we remember how simple it is....

I studied vocal performance and choral conducting at the University of Virginia and until recently, I have called Charlottesville my non-childhood home. Amidst this rather prolific and full last decade, I realized the impact of my friend and colleague's life's work, The Five Relations, a rearrangement and distillation of Alexander Technique and The Art of Breathing into five simple counterbalance relations in the body. She and I created an online curriculum for singers and I found myself organically letting all the systems and structures I had created around the work dissolve and find more space for breath. 

I have a deep appreciation for the intersection of athletics and voice and both setting young people up for a healthy athletic/musical career and  helping adults connect the dots between their whole lives and nurturing the sacred gift that is their voice.

I usually stay plugged into some variation of church music ministry, and have also served as a music minister.

As of September 2023 I have found myself in Minneapolis, Minnesota opening an entirely new personal chapter.


Voice teaching and coaching are like my secret chipotle menu (aka I prefer to manage this offline). If you're looking for a personal guide for you or your child, reach out and let's get to work.


Otherwise I invite you to join my soft and inviting virtual series this winter - "Around the Hearth with Heather & Friends" where we will be combining gentle voice education with connection and community. Or let me know how I can serve your organization or your event. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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