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I am a singer, music director, business woman, facilitator, teacher, coach.

Year after year, I have found myself helping people love and enjoy their voice.
A lot of it - if not all - has to do with coming back to love.

Knowing you're loved.

​Finding a feeling and sharing that feeling.

I've done some things professionally that are pretty artful and cool, like creating The Center for Vocal Study, an inclusive multi-teacher voice studio in the heart of a university town. I've lived abroad teaching music in a Mayan town, and I started and grew a middle school boys’ choir. Most recently I've been asked to lead and grow a community choir in Antigua, Guatemala. All of these endeavors share a theme of encouraging the art of voice study towards the circle.

I love the word "encourage." At its root, the word means to "make strong, hearten," to "see heart."

When we sing, we quite literally share our hearts. It is a powerful practice, and an ever-changing one.

I love the thrill of students achieving their performance dreams. The sheer joy of a song well sung, a role landed, a song written, a family that begins to sing again, a song finally shared online, a performance that leaves an audience in tears... these are all things I truly love celebrate!

Along the way, I look for signs of uplifted

spirits in our worktogether - this can present itself as laughter, smiles, an attitude of possibility, and increased speed, joy and mastery in the direction of our dreams. This openness goes hand in hand with moving and skillful singing.

We are invited to enjoy ourselves and the world around us.


Thank you for being here, and I look forward to connecting!

p.s. For high resolution headshot and printable bio, click here.

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