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“Cove Presbyterian Church, south of Charlottesville, VA, is a tiny sanctuary built for music, especially the human voice. As pastor at Cove, my heart soars on those Sundays when Heather Hightower sings. She has the vocal gift to sing in a cathedral, but Cove is blessed to hear her sing in our beloved sacred space. Glory to God!”

– Gary Charles

“For many years Heather has contributed to worship in the church I served.  Her voice has always been a great source of joy for me personally and was enriching to worship without being show-y. It is clear and true, unaffected and versatile.  And always professionally musical whether she’s singing Mozart or blending with a shape note choir. The congregation was invariably moved by her music.”

– Jane Govan, Presbyterian pastor

“I asked my son how he would describe Heather, and without hesitation, 'inspirational' was his reply. As a parent, Heather is the person you hope to be fortunate enough to have in your child’s life. Her enthusiasm in the way she approaches her craft sweeps you away and creates a world of hope, strength, compassion and joy. It is difficult to not be inspired by her!”


“Heather is a magician, with the ability to bring people to life and generate magic through voice. Go work with her, everything will change.”

– Melissa

“I found Heather after getting some professional feedback that deepening my voice may increase my credibility, ability to influence, and future success. Heather recognized that this was nonsense but agreed to work with me anyways so long as I learn to love and use the voice I was given. She teaches us embrace one’s voice; find power within it; and use it as a vehicle for creation.”

- Christina

“Heather brings an earnest appreciation for each and every voice. It’s inspiring to see her passion for singing, whether it’s with a novice or seasoned professional. She provides a safe and pedagogically sound community in which students and collaborators can both speak and sing, and truly be heard.”

– Sean Cooper

“In a business full of self-serving posturing, name dropping and ego, Heather Hightower has created something completely different. When I first arrived at The Center for Vocal Study I was in awe of the warm, inviting, and safe space she had created for her students and teachers. It was a place of discovery, self-awareness, and exploration. The students varied in vocal levels, experience and accomplishment, and yet, there was absolutely no negativity among the singers, only honest communication, expression and acceptance. They were given tools for success, space to exercise those tools, and a judgement free environment to assess their successes.

The open conversations I was invited to conduct were completely free of agenda. No one was trying to “look smart.” Attendees felt comfortable asking personal and sensitive questions about their voices and their vocal development without fear of saying or asking the wrong thing. Every person was treated with value, respect and space. It was some of the most awakened and honest interactions I’ve ever had with a room full of singers. Perhaps most importantly, I personally learned so much about what others singers thought and felt about expressing their art, the things that were most important for them to take away from a learning experience, and how I can better serve those who come to me for guidance.

I cannot express enough how impressive The Center for Vocal Study is to me, and how much its creator Heather is as well. Something this special can only be created by someone equally as special. I encourage anyone interested in their vocal, and also their personal development to seek out and experience Heather and the Center for Vocal Study for themselves.

– Dr. Jamison Lee Walker, Assistant Professor of Voice

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