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Hi, I’m Heather Hightower, founder of

The Center for Vocal Study. Join us as my friend and teacher, Sandra Bain Cushman, leads me and a few of my beloved singers in the process of opening up and finding a freer and easier sound.


This course will sequentially give you the tools and practice to access these good feelings any time, on your own.

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Freedom & Ease for Singers is a simple system and guided practice to encourage and allow freedom and ease in your body, breath and sound. This online course is:


  • Self-paced     

  • Pre-recorded on Zoom     

  • Online     

  • Video series     

  • Offered through 10 x 1-hour sessions

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“There are few joys greater than being part of a group like ours and watching the work of a whole career—the uniting of two different but related schools of inquiry—play out over time in a fresh context. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Five Relations and the Alexander Technique and the Circulations—a form born of Guitar Craft and Guitar Circles’ work through the better part of four decades—bring freedom and ease to singers, not only helping them as singers, but as flourishing human beings. Here’s to Heather and our troupe of eight, along with our friends at home, for making this all possible!”


— Sandra Bain Cushman, your teacher



"Sandra and Heather are dual lights, who are forging a new method – grounded in Alexander Technique (AT) – that a novice like me could immediately connect with."

— Naomi

"I have benefited greatly from these classes which enlarged my understanding of my body’s inner intelligence and animation."                                       

 — Lavinia

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