Freedom & Ease for Singers


Relaxed, real, no pretenses.

You will receive education on the body’s natural organization system, you will train the deep, slow-twitch muscles that control the vocal mechanism, and you will gain simple and profound tools to explore your body in your everyday life.

I’m Heather Hightower, the founder and owner of The Center for Vocal Study located in Charlottesville, VA. I’m pleased to be featuring the good work of Sandra Bain Cushman, founder of Orchestral Maneuvers, who brings her own fresh methodology to the conversation of the body. Join us for this wonderfully nourishing 8-hour short course designed for singers like you to experience freedom and ease.

We provide a gentle space for you to discover something new inside of yourself. Beginners and professionals alike will be at home in our space. This series was recorded live in action on Zoom. The energy in the room is real, it’s love-filled, and we have a good time. We are glad you are taking this class “with” us!

You’re in the right place.

P.S. In the video I say that you won’t see the participants in these recordings, but you will! We thought that was ultimately more interesting.

P.P.S. As you can see, this is a come as you are space! All are welcome.

Freedom & Ease For Singers


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