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Find pleasure and there you'll find music.   
- Abraham-Hicks

Over the years, my work has taken on many shapes. From leading children to leading government visionaries, to supporting families as the family supports a gifted child. I’ve been told that one of my gifts is in bringing people together. 


We get to be agents of our own vibration and the voice is an incredibly beautiful and playful way to explore our own tuning. 


My life and work is about remembering and sharing and teaching others how to remember and share as well. 


Some of the ways I have focused and expressed this musical energy includes starting and leading a middle school boys choir program for five years, starting and growing The Center for Vocal Study in Charlottesville, Virginia, working with individuals in a private voice and coaching practice for the last ten years, and living abroad and teaching music in indigenous Mayan communities. 


As the daughter of educators, it feels like education is in my bones. Growing up an athlete, I've always had a keen interest in the miracle, resilience and joy of the human body. I have always found singing to be really fun and feel really good! I had the good fortune of being raised in Westport, Connecticut with public schools and a church that invested in their music programs. I now live in Charlottesville, Virginia where I attended the university. 


I love the experience of feeling my own voice. 


I love the feeling of letting words flow through me, written or spoken. 


I love using the power of words to create a more beautiful world.


My latest educational project is the creation of a simple and elegant online course designed to bring voices of all skill levels greater freedom and ease. 


Teachers who have been inspiring me this year include Stephen SmithRhiannon, and the teacher with whom I have created my online course, Sandra Bain Cushman.





Online Course

Learn more about Freedom & Ease for Singers.

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