Weddings and the Sacred Ceremony of Life Joining Together

One of my favorite performance spaces are weddings.

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that bring together the spirits of husband and wife, the sacred space that invites all energies of the families to meet, touch, feel, and to a certain extent, mingle or co-create.

The role of a singer in a wedding, in my opinion, is to open up the pathway to the highest heavens and invite our bodies to mingle with this new arrangement of souls. The singer moves the energy around. The singer makes space for the spirits to connect and merge on the higher level, while the master of ceremony is responsible for marrying the two souls in the bodies and the more conscious mind. Or, at least that’s the way I experience it happening.

I take this role very seriously.

It’s my job to be ready in not just my music, but to be ready in the body to be able to open up channels and support the flow of energy through the room.

This video clip of Franz Shubert’s “Ave Maria” is from a good friend’s wedding in July 2010. I loved this space not just because of the loving couple being a church family member, but also because the acoustics of the chapel were off the hook awesome, with cathedral ceilings and wood ceilings. This clip was taken at the wedding rehearsal.

Recording actual ceremonies is often disruptive, frequently I perform and leave with no evidence. When I can, I snag a bootleg clip during the rehearsal where electronic devices are more acceptable.

I always emphasize that it’s not about me at this service. While I believe the singer plays a crucial role, it is absolutely, totally about the bride and her groom. It’s about family having space to feel their emotions. It’s about doubts having the space to be lifted. It’s about using the moments to release, open, and receive the blessings of this universe.

Just enough ego serves for presence, performance, and after-performance graciousness. But it’s love, devotion, humility, and willingness to be invisible through total, magical visibility that redefines the role of the singer.



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