Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012 – SUCCESS!

Last night I had the pleasure and honor for singing to a packed crowd in Las Capuchinas – the church of the ruins of an old convent – in Antigua, Guatemala. All 200 chairs were occupied, standing room was packed, and people even made their way into the choir loft. The energy was ripe and supple, the candles set a soft glow that mimicked the soft glow in our hearts. The babies and children who were there barely made a peep. I’m pretty sure no cell phones went off during the performance (hey now).

Here are some iPhone shots of the scene. It will be wonderful to get the video back. I had a wonderful production team capturing the energy of the evening. I got a bunch of hugs of thanks afterwards that just made me feel so good about everything.

The entrance to where Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012 was held last night. There was a line around the block last night, waiting to get in.


The Christmas portion of the concert, joined on stage by the Union Church Community Choir, accompanied by the amazing Heber Morales on piano


The packed hall. Over 200 seats, full. Standing room only, full. Choir loft taking spillover!

The painting that Lisset Lopez created during the event, to represent and capture the energy of the evening. Sooooooooooo beautiful! I love it!


Me, after it all. ha. :)


One woman said to me with tears in her eyes, “This was the best night of my entire year. Thank you so much.”

Another said, “You transported me to Heaven. Now, if I can just stay there…!” I said, “You will!”

Another said, “I never expected to have an event like THIS in Antigua, Guatemala. Thank you!”

Little girls had their photos taken with me, and I got to encourage more than a few young singers to “keep singing.”

When I get my phone charger back from the bag I accidentally left at the convent, I will take pictures of some of the notes and inspired drawings people left me – towards the end, I invited everyone to take the opportunity to ground their dreams and inspirations that they were able to see and hear and feel within their hearts in the sacred space we created. Most took theirs home with them, but it was so lovely to see what was left behind. One little boy drew this fantastic photo of me with angel wings and called me an “angel on earth.” ! Talk about feeling love.

Overall, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It felt so good to do, and I’m so pleased to have been able to create something beautiful for the world – if just in Antigua in person, I do feel like it’s the kind of event that sends shooting strings of energy into other parts of the world, through the people who were there from all over and who they’ll take it back to back home.


  1. YAY HEATHER! I’m so frickin’ proud of you! <3

  2. Woohooo! I was moved to tears just seeing those few photos! I can’t wait to see and hear more. WELL DONE, my Singing Light Friend. xoxoxo!!

  3. Beautiiful to see you performing so well at all levels..vocally….inspirationally….creatively … bringing that zest for exploration to the audience…inclusively using the choir and kids …and not lest promotionally not forgetting the sponsers…I will post you my ipad sketch soon. That was a amazing to have the indian music who sponsered them…best Regards Deva

    • Deva, can’t wait to see your iPad sketch! The sponsors helped primarily with space, seats, reception, piano, risers, and candles. Everything else was produced by me, with love. Antigua got a great with the Indian Classical music – by good fortune.

  4. Mark Ratzlaff says:

    How wonderful!! Wish I was there!

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