The Confident Singer – Middle School Girls, Fall 2016

The Confident Singer for Middle School Girls (5th-8th grade)

The Confident Singer is a small group coaching program designed to cultivate deep inner confidence in budding young female singers. Fancy testimonials to come in a few months when we finish  CS for Middle School Girls, Spring 2015 session – our first of its kind!

I’ve been teaching voice since 2012 and I’ve been teaching middle school boys (choir) since August of 2013. This year as I looked around me – current students, past students, and conversations with moms and dads about how their daughters wanted to take lessons with me – I realized I had this awesome group of bright, energetic young women with a desire to sing and build confidence in their performing skills and that I could do something more for them! And so I thought it would be cool to put them together, get them a professional pianist and amp it up a notch or three.

I started taking lessons when I was 12 and I remember what it felt like to belt it out at home and be scared to sing in front of others. I remember discovering that I had a high voice singing along to Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera (I had previously sung alto parts in school choir). I remember loving my voice lessons and also feeling nervous at them and I remember the first time I went to a studio masterclass at my teacher’s house. I remember feeling SO NERVOUS with sweaty palms, staring at the page of music in front of me (even though I knew the song so well), and I remember the huge sigh of relief when the feedback the adults and youth students was positive and encouraging. THAT was a great feeling!

The Confident Singer group coaching program for middle school girls gives young ladies the chance to flex solo voice performance skills in community, always coming back to

  • healthy, age-appropriate technique
  • musicianship skills (including reading music)
  • collaborative skills
  • teamwork
  • self awareness
  • FUN!
  • what moves YOU
  • what music is asking to be made in the moment

It’s coming together as a group to step into those nerves (or whatever is happening for you) and learning to do it anyway. It’s part community, part personal challenge to step out of each girl’s comfort zone, part safe bubble to take chances.

Because it’s a group designed to support the confidence of the whole person, individual vocal technique needs may not be entirely met during these sessions. Participants are always encouraged to seek additional instruction from qualified voice instructors where necessary.

This program is for the girl who WANTS to sing, LOVES TO SING, may currently sing ALL OVER THE HOUSE and at school. She may or may not have previous vocal instruction.

The fee covers

  • cost of materials (song book)
  • the time of a professional pianist
  • coaching by me, Heather Hightower
  • access to wonderful guest faculty
  • an incredibly supportive, small group experience
  • skilled facilitation in student-led music
  • stage experience
  • final recital
  • a transformational experience!

Fall Session 2016

Begin Date: Tuesday September 5
End Date: February 7

Cost $1500

Times: After School, weekday

Location: Charlottesville

Limit: 5 participants

This program isn’t for everyone. If you are reading this trying to calculate how this compares dollars per hour to private instruction it probably isn’t the right program for you – private instruction and group coaching are both highly valuable and are so very different in nature! This is a 5-month journey of magical alchemy supporting a deep inner peace AND comfort in expression.

If you are interested please contact me through the form above and tell me about your daughter. We’ll schedule a time meet and let me get to know her, her skills and assess what would best suit her individual needs. It may be this program or I may make another recommendation.

Finally, I haven’t done this before but since summer is coming up and your daughter might be excited about this program and you might be crunching numbers and wondering how to make it work…I want to reward any participant who contributes to her own enrollment fee. I’m not exactly sure just yet what that reward would look like. But I have experienced personally as I hire my own coaches as well as in people that I coach…when we work for what we want, when we allocate resources that we have worked hard to earn, we get more out of it. If the fee challenges us, we show up differently…we know what kind of sacrifice we are making! We do more work at home, we make more of an effort to work our schedules, we ask for more help, we take greater risks (or perceived risks). In short, we get more out of it! And as a result, the group energy heightens as well.

So this is a note to you moms and dads – if your daughter is interested and your mind is on budget, I encourage you to challenge her to raise at least $250 of this enrollment fee. Encourage her to get creative with how she creates that money. Encourage her to keep trying. Encourage her to babysit on nights where she might otherwise be at home complaining of boredom, or encourage her to flex any budding entrepreneurial ventures. Encourage her to ask for fees that reflect the value of what she is providing another. Encourage her to approach her current “employers” demonstrate what kind of value she has brought to the agreement and ask for a raise.

Here’s what other parents have to say:

“My daughter was hesitant to participate in a group singing program because she was unsure about singing in front of other people. But, after the first meeting, she was hooked. It was the perfect balance of working hard on singing and having fun. The girls offered constructive criticism that was not difficult for my daughter to hear because they had established a rapport through the fun games and silliness that Heather provided. The group was given the freedom to choreograph their own dance to go along with a song. Heather provided just the right amount of guidance to keep them on track, but they came up with the moves themselves. After just 3 months, when I attended my daughter’s recital and she stood up in front of 30 people and sang a beautiful solo, all I could do was cry. There is no way she would have had the confidence to do that before participating in this group. This experience seems to have had a positive effect on other aspects of my daughter’s life as well. She had a few presentations for school that she pulled off with no fear. And I have noticed that she makes eye contact more frequently and speaks up, especially with adults. She also made some valuable friendships that she is maintaining even after the group is over!””

“As another mom of another student in Heather’s “The Confident Singer” program, let me add my joyful endorsement! My twelve year old daughter C. experienced TCS as a true high point in her tween angst filled week. Belting out songs, doing serious learning, being silly with the other girls (and with Heather!), all made for a great experience. C. gained confidence and focus in her singing. Heather prepared the girls well for performing, she took the individual girls and turned them into a group, while still holding space for them to retain their individual expression. Also, the girls just all clearly loved Heather (as did the parents) right away because she’s so approachable, and kind, and encouraging, and yet she still gets them to rise to the occasion and give their best effort. The girls shifted from self doubt and perfectionism to feeling proud of their progress and having enthusiasm for trying hard and improving. Great lessons for life. Honestly, Heather is a tween songbird whisperer. I don’t know how she does it, but she does! Five stars for a top notch program and instructor.”

I look forward to serving your daughters in the fall,



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