“And, though my guests don’t remember some of the other details we worked weeks to perfect, they still rave over the music Heather sang before and during our wedding ceremony.” – M.K. married to P.G.

I do what I do because I love it.

Here are some words of praise from others:

The beautiful, handmade program.

“As our wedding drew closer I got so caught up in worrying about the details and completing all the DIY projects, it wasn’t until I spent time talking with Heather that I realized I had overlook the MOST important part of the whole day, the ceremony! This quickly became incredibly overwhelming and don’t know what I would have done without talking through everything with Heather. She had a most magical ability to calm my nerves and emotions and narrow down such an insane mountain of options into the perfect fit for us. After narrowing down the style and feel I felt would be best for our day I wanted to leave a little free reign for Heather to do what she does best. On our actual wedding day hearing her magical voice just as I was about to walk down the isle was the perfect moment, that rare moment the whole day where time seemed to stand still and I could soak it all in, share a moment with my father, and look around and appreciate all the love and beauty we were surrounded by.
Heather went above and beyond for us and I am forever grateful; our ceremony would not have been the same without her.”

- Meg Runion Perdue, Married September 15, 2012

(Get a closer look on Martha Stewart’s blog – Meg and Landon’s wedding was so stunning!)

“Your singing voice is brilliant, by the way. It brought tears to my eyes and sunshine to my soul.”

Tammy Keefer, photographer


Kevin & Laura – the photographer caught the same view I had from up in the choir loft. Love it.

“We had been to lots of nice weddings, so when we went about planning our own we knew we wanted to have something that would give it that extra wow factor. And that’s exactly what Heather was able to do for our wedding ceremony.

Heather sang the song we chose for our ceremony, Ava Maria, beautifully. It truly brought tears to our eyes and felt like such a wonderful expression of all the love we had surrounding us that day. Heather executed and performed all of the music not only to perfection but also with the grace and beauty that not many other singers can achieve.

Also, working with Heather was a breeze! Wedding planning is so incredibly stressful and Heather’s caring and professional approach took away any anxiety we had about this aspect of our wedding day.

We feel so lucky to have had Heather play such an important part of our wedding. We had complete trust in her talent and professionalism. We weren’t surprised with all the compliments we got on the music at our wedding. Of all the many wedding decisions we made, hiring Heather was by far one of the easiest, most fun, and best experiences we had.

Thank you Heather!


Kevin & Laura “


“The entire day was marvelous, and the music made the ceremony an absolute highlight. We just got back from St. Lucia early this morning, and we spent a huge amount of time on our honeymoon thinking back on the lovely singing that you brought to the event. It was SO wonderful to have you be a part of it, and have you at the reception, as well.(We also got, like, eight million comments from people about how much they loved your singing.)”

Walt McGough, playwright & Annie Cardi McGough, YA writer


That’s me on the left, with the happy bride and groom (Melissa & Paul)! Photo excerpt courtesy

“Heather is an incredibly talented, professional musician that can sing challenging classical arias to modern romanitic songs. Why I’d recommend Heather for your wedding: Heather has the perfect voice to make your wedding special and memorable.  I requested several challenging pieces — from classical to more modern. Heather was able to sing them beautifully and create the desired ambiance for our ceremony. She was also able to put me at easy before the wedding by promptly responding to emails and coordinating with the other musicians to practice and attend the ceremony rehersal assure that the music was perfect.  She was also so friendly and professional that my wedding coordinator, minister, and organist all enjoyed working with her because she took the stress out of a stressful rehearsal and wedding day.  And, though my guest don’t remember some of the other details we worked weeks to perfect, they still rave over the music Heather sang before and during our wedding ceremony.” 
- Melissa & Paul


“I couldn’t see you very well, but I could see your angelic presence up there on stage. You were absolutely beautiful.” – W.R.



“It was like seeing a sunset for the first time.” – Corky Mitchell, percussionist & painter (Um, I swear, I didn’t pay him to say that. But I do have a painting of a sunset, by him…which I keep in my studio because it beams back at me whenever I’m not feeling confident!)


Part of my education is in choral conducting, so I do find that almost wherever I go, I end up doing some sort of group leading of voices – sometimes it’s workshops, sometimes it’s rehearsals, sometimes it’s in church or educational settings. Here are a couple of comments from select moments:

Masterclass way back in the day with Bobby McFerrin, 2002

“I used to always say that I would sell my soul to the devil for two reasons: 1. to be able to sing and 2. to be able to speak all the languages in the world. And now I can sing!”

- Julia B., International Volunteer

Mayan Calendar event – singing first! Guatemala City, Guatemala March 2011



“As someone who loves to sing but is usually terrified of singing in front of people, this was an eye and heart opening experience! It was fun. It was relaxing. I forgot that I was shy singing in front of people. For me, it was yoga, meditation and singing in one. Heather has a wonderful energy and does a great job bringing the group together & helping you find your voice.”


Choral Workshop in San Mateo Ixtatan, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 2009

“In all my years of ministry, I have never met someone who could simultaneously elicit as much from a group of people while maintaining such good relationships with the community at-large. I don’t know much about music, but I do know that you are truly, truly gifted.”

- Bruce Hunter, Minister Zion Crossroads Baptist Church