More Scenes from Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012

Me, singing. :) With pretty, sparkly earrings on.

Since returning a week ago, I've found myself excitedly telling my friends all about Voices of Light, which happened just a week and a half ago. Every time I talk about it, it's like being back in Guatemala. Ahhhhh. Minus all the yummy street … [Read more...]


Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012 – An actual look at the inspiration that bubbled up during the event

After the concert, a young teenage boy approached me on stage and handed me this beautiful drawing. If I am translating correctly, I believe it reads,
"A gift, polished until it shines and spreads its light
Angel that came down to Earth
God Bless You."

Love this beautiful, sweet note.

    Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012 was a space dedicated to creating beauty through music. It was already 8 days ago! Beauty is a high vibration. Music is the weaver of the universe, the universal language, a sophisticated, … [Read more...]


5 Days until Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012

The magic of Lake Atitlan does not escape me...the volcanoes greeted me by morning.

Last night the stars were sprinkling the skies (though I was curled up in bed and missed the show). Including today, there are 5 days until Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012. One of the things that makes Voices of Light a different musical … [Read more...]


In Antigua, Guatemala preparing for Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012

Me hanging out in the choir loft of the space in which I´ll be performing as well as accompanied by a crew of talented other musicians. I learned that day that the nuns of this ancient convent, once committed, would never be seen by an outsider again. They would sing in the choir loft for mass, but separated by a black cloth hung  in front of them. I had a deep feeling of liberating a sacred feminine energy around the offering Voices of Light.

Hiooooooooo friends and lovers. I hail to you today from sunny Antigua, Guatemala. I arrived Wednesday and it´s been a whirlwind of activity and incredibly pleasant walking EVERYWHERE. On December 18th at 7pm a recital event I am offering a free … [Read more...]