In finding your voice, it’s not about your voice

A desire to connect with your voice. A desire to share what's within. A desire to feel confident in what you have to share. Almost weekly, I meet someone who uses these words to describe their desire to let out what's within. What is … [Read more...]


I'm a very unskilled pianist. And today an interesting thing emerged in a voice lesson I was teaching - I was playing chords and a singer's part and stumbling a bit. And her singing mimicked my playing. Pretty blocky. I told her, "Look, pretend that … [Read more...]


It’s about finding your own voice

After four sessions an adult singer said to me yesterday: "I think what I'm beginning to understand is that it's not about sounding like someone else, it's about finding what my own voice sounds like." AMEN!   … [Read more...]


“Where does my voice fit?” – Untangling Common Thoughts that Stop Us

Worrying about where your voice belongs can really get you down. Once you start the comparing route, you will find endless reasons as to why you should cease all singing activity pronto. As a singer, coach and voice teacher I see it can be … [Read more...]