Feeling Nervous before Singing? Watch This.

Feeling a little wrung out about your upcoming performance? Thinking about reading through your lyrics one time too many? Futzing around on Facebook instead of resting or getting your outfit laid out so you can face tomorrow smoothly? If nerves … [Read more...]


Ride the Wave – On Pre-Performance Focus and Cultivating a Spirit of Service

What thoughts we hold onto, where we turn our gaze, how tightly we cling to our ideas of who we are...performance is a great opportunity to shift the focus and drop in and channel something new.

You're singing this weekend. You're gonna rock. You're going to change by doing it. And yet, this actually isn't about YOU. It's about you stepping into something and leading the way for those around you. You invite your friends and … [Read more...]


The Confident Singer – 12 week journey

This fall I reorganized my studio to make performing in front of others a non-negotiable part of our journey into our voices. The result? I am watching singers take leaps and bounds in their comfort performing. It's awesome! We just enjoyed our final … [Read more...]


Fall 2014 Student Recital – November 22 at The Haven of Charlottesville

Where we will be raising our voices in song and celebration.

One of the biggest misconceptions about singing and performing for others is that confidence is not a prerequisite - it's a result. You don't have to feel confident to perform. And if you wait until you feel confident you might be waiting your whole … [Read more...]


Building Confident Young Singers – 7 Tips for Parents on What to Know, Say, Do

Tonight I meet with the parents of my boys choir at The Field School of Charlottesville. I've been preparing the business items to go over, like our guiding principles, our calendar of performances, our uniform list, and other nuts and bolts to … [Read more...]


The Secret to Being a More Confident Singer

The secret to being a more confident singer is not as mysterious as you think. It's pretty simple. Sing more. That's it. Sing more. If you're already accomplished and wrestling with nerves, singing the venues you think you're not ready to … [Read more...]