Airy sounds, vocal folds that aren't closing fully, weak sounds, lack of stamina, lack of resonance.... I want to is your breath? Are you drinking in breath, filling yourself with life? Have you grown accustomed to breathing only so … [Read more...]


We Are Being Breathed – The Balance of Managing and Allowing Breath

There is a place where our bodies are breathed for us, no effort on our behalf needed. Our body does what it needs to do. It opens up, it relaxes, it supports our sound. We do not want to get in the way of this. As we connect with the mechanics of … [Read more...]


Exercise: Proper Breath Support - "The Barrel" One of the most common mistakes I see recreational singers make is FORGETTING YOU HAVE A LOWER BODY. Even in my own weekly voice lessons I find myself needing to be reminded to connect with my … [Read more...]