Speak with Confidence

Program: Speak with Confidence

This fall and winter, increase your speaking confidence! This program is designed for professionals who want to improve their presentation skills by fostering a natural connection with their voice as an instrument.

Freeing the voice through an understanding of healthy vocal technique increases speaking confidence and ease.

– reduce speaking/presenting fatigue

– improve projection

– understand voice color

– create a sensation of effortlessness in your lines/presenting style

– eliminate reduce physical tension so that you can feel more at ease

We will meet twice each month from October through February, and you will receive a certificate at the end of this program.

Unless you’ve already been in a program under the supervision of a great vocal technician, I highly recommend you step in this water with me!

Program fee: $2000

Date: Beginning in October

2x month

Please send a private message to me through the above form to apply for your space.

Limit 5 participants.

Program One

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