Singing Camp – In preparation for tomorrow

Singers, I’m SO excited to have you all together tomorrow. I will be picking up a few watermelons from the fruit stands today on my way home for us to eat. They are so good!!

Now is the time show up and just be yourself and have FUN exploring together what you can create.

There is no listening today – instead I encourage you to slow down and listen to what’s within. It may tell you to practice some beatboxing, it may tell you clear your mind and to not think about music, it may tell you to go listen to that song you’ve been thinking about the past few days. Or something else.

I just read an article that said people learn better when they explore first instead of watching videos (article here). SO now that I’ve been having you do a bunch of listening I’m going to just add the footnote that you have my permission to let it all go. Trust that you have enough inside of you for this experiment to be a wild sucess.

Finally –

Sometimes when we sing with others we get nervous. If you feel any of that happening know that it’s normal. And don’t let it get to you. It’s just a sign that you’re alive!

For the next three days we all get to support each other and enjoy each other and give of ourselves in the quest for awesome singing together!

I can’t wait to hear what you all create.


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