Ride the Wave – On Pre-Performance Focus and Cultivating a Spirit of Service

What thoughts we hold onto, where we turn our gaze, how tightly we cling to our ideas of who we are...performance is a great opportunity to shift the focus and drop in and channel something new.

What thoughts we hold onto, where we turn our gaze, how tightly we cling to our ideas of who we are…performances are a great opportunity to drop in and channel something new. Sometimes it helps to shift your focus to an attitude of serving something greater, something beyond yourself. Sometimes we drop out of ourselves when we focus on people we love and cherish.

You’re singing this weekend.

You’re gonna rock.

You’re going to change by doing it.

And yet, this actually isn’t about YOU.

It’s about you stepping into something and leading the way for those around you.

You invite your friends and acquaintances to come with you for you but also for THEM.

So that they can take a trip through their own imagination. So they can wonder, “If she can do this, what could I do?”

As singers it’s easy to become lost in a self-flagellating world of narcissism.

How did I sing that note?

Did I do MY best?

What will they think of ME?

Do they LIKE ME?

Will I do my hard work justice?

I, I, I…..

So before you even go there this week, get out of yourself.

Keep your focus on them.

Who will be inspired? Invite them.

Who needs a little uplifting? Invite them.

Who would benefit from stretching her idea of herself? Invite her.

Who needs to feel what you are able to feel? Invite them, too.

Who would just like to experience a warm bubble of love around the theme of making music? Bring them into this world of celebration and thanks through song.

When you find yourself caught up in YOU, press the little shift gears button in your heart and return your focus to those around you.

In service there is no failure. There is only presence. In presence, there is infinite possibility.

Your presence is what is being called for this week. Presence through music, presence on stage, and presence through the lead up.

Ride the wave. It’s much bigger than each of us alone.

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