Singing Camp 2014 – The Final Results

Creating the backing lyrics to the kids' arrangement.

Last week 6 kids came together to do something quite brave - for the first time ever, create their own a cappella arrangement in just 3 mornings. Take a look and listen and be prepared to smile your face off:   Day 1 - They met each … [Read more...]


The impact of sharing your voice

What is the IMPACT of feeling more comfortable sharing your voice? I don't care if you're a musician or not. When you know what it feels like to feel fear and anxiety course through your body and get up there and perform anyway, you know an … [Read more...]


Drop-In Choir, week 9, is happening 6:30-7:30pm tonight! Details here.    … [Read more...]


Singing Camp – In preparation for tomorrow


Singers, I'm SO excited to have you all together tomorrow. I will be picking up a few watermelons from the fruit stands today on my way home for us to eat. They are so good!! Now is the time show up and just be yourself and have FUN exploring … [Read more...]


Singing Camp – playing to your strengths


Singers, when we start camp Tuesday you will need to be prepared to play to each other's strengths. Since we'll just be meeting each other you'll need to quickly be able to get to know each other. I encourage you to be up front with what you love … [Read more...]


Singing Camp – 6 Voice Arrangement


Singers, I'm here at the beach and about to head out to swim. So this will be quick. Today I want you to hear a 6-person semi-professional college a cappella group singing Bruno Mars. - 1 guy soloist - 1 guy beatboxer - 2 gal harmonies - 2 guy … [Read more...]


Singing Camp – Taking It Back

Hi Singers. Today you have a shorter listening assignment - I want to introduce you to the world of Motown. Now, I'm no expert on music history. But The Temptations are a wonderful, wonderful group from the 60s and I bet you'll recognize this famous … [Read more...]


Starring YOU – Calling All Diamonds or Diamonds in the Rough

I am not saying you will become Grace Potter...but a girl can dream, can't she?

***This program has been cancelled.*** Starting Tuesday August 19 - November 18, 10 individuals will take a journey together - one that will change the course of their musical lives. Will you be one of them? We will begin by not being able to … [Read more...]


Singing Camp – Think of the Same Song Differently

"We found love in a hopeless place..."

Part of the beauty of arranging a song is the chance to reinvent the song. As we head towards Singing Camp next Tuesday, I want you to start getting creative with how you hear a song and how literal you need to be (or don't need to be) when you … [Read more...]


Singing Camp – Hit the Replay Button

Miley Cyrus and The Roots sing "We Can't Stop" on the Jimmy Fallon Show back in October 2013

Hey singers. So, confession, if you don't know this about me already, I really love pop music. I am a slightly obsessive radio listener. I like to play games with myself like, what song do I think the DJ has cued up next for us in his database of the … [Read more...]