"Before I started working with Heather, I honestly did not have the courage to sing in front of myself, much less in front of others. I had never been to a voice lesson before in my life. My throat felt tight; I felt insecure; and I was afraid of … [Read more...]


Offices Workers Who Sing Together Are Healthier – Newsweek Article

This recent Newsweek Article points towards the fact that office workers who sing together are healthier. From the article: "Making music together stimulates one’s creativity and helps one’s self-confidence,” notes Mark Ford, director of … [Read more...]


Building a Boys Choir – Assigning Parts

This week at The Field School of Charlottesville I'm still in the thick of understanding my boys' voices and getting through hearing all of them. I'm leaving the youngest for last because they're mostly all treble voices still so I know they'll be … [Read more...]


Building a Boys Choir – Hearing every voice

In a choir, the director must know every voice.

The Field School of Charlottesville hired me last year to start the seeds of a future choral program. We began in September 2013 as a "Choir Club" after school on a Friday. 4 bright-shining, happy, song-loving boys joined me for an hour. There were … [Read more...]


Easing the learning process – Waking up to when you’re in a “New Low State of Mind”

As singers we become intimate with our strengths and weaknesses. And it's tempting to own them. The other day I'm in my lesson with my teacher and we come up to a cadenza to read through. My mind goes blank. All of a sudden the E and F are feeling … [Read more...]


Building Confident Young Singers – 7 Tips for Parents on What to Know, Say, Do

Tonight I meet with the parents of my boys choir at The Field School of Charlottesville. I've been preparing the business items to go over, like our guiding principles, our calendar of performances, our uniform list, and other nuts and bolts to … [Read more...]


The Secret to Being a More Confident Singer

The secret to being a more confident singer is not as mysterious as you think. It's pretty simple. Sing more. That's it. Sing more. If you're already accomplished and wrestling with nerves, singing the venues you think you're not ready to … [Read more...]


In finding your voice, it’s not about your voice

The voice is there, the music is there.

A desire to connect with your voice. A desire to share what's within. A desire to feel confident in what you have to share. Almost weekly, I meet someone who uses these words to describe their desire to let out what's within. What is … [Read more...]


Fall Program for Singers – September 2 – November 20, 2014

For those wanting to connect with their voice – the technical side of things – the breathing, the rep, the technique, the confidence, the performance ability…this is your opportunity. This fall I’m asking my singers to come together on a regular … [Read more...]


Singing Camp 2014. 6 kids, 3 mornings, 1 song of their choice. Their final video!! Read the full scoop here. … [Read more...]