Building Confident Young Singers – 7 Tips for Parents on What to Know, Say, Do

Tonight I meet with the parents of my boys choir at The Field School of Charlottesville. I've been preparing the business items to go over, like our guiding principles, our calendar of performances, our uniform list, and other nuts and bolts to … [Read more...]


The Secret to Being a More Confident Singer

The secret to being a more confident singer is not as mysterious as you think. It's pretty simple. Sing more. That's it. Sing more. If you're already accomplished and wrestling with nerves, singing the venues you think you're not ready to … [Read more...]


In finding your voice, it’s not about your voice

The voice is there, the music is there.

A desire to connect with your voice. A desire to share what's within. A desire to feel confident in what you have to share. Almost weekly, I meet someone who uses these words to describe their desire to let out what's within. What is … [Read more...]


Fall Program for Singers – September 2 – November 20, 2014

For those wanting to connect with their voice – the technical side of things – the breathing, the rep, the technique, the confidence, the performance ability…this is your opportunity. This fall I’m asking my singers to come together on a regular … [Read more...]


Singing Camp 2014. 6 kids, 3 mornings, 1 song of their choice. Their final video!! Read the full scoop here. … [Read more...]


Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion. Performed December 18, 2012 in Las Capuchinas, Antigua, Guatemala for a concert called "Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012" Vocalist - Moi, Heather Hightower Piano - Heber Morales Choir - Union Church … [Read more...]


I'm a very unskilled pianist. And today an interesting thing emerged in a voice lesson I was teaching - I was playing chords and a singer's part and stumbling a bit. And her singing mimicked my playing. Pretty blocky. I told her, "Look, pretend that … [Read more...]


Corporate Leadership and Team Training

Do you understand and connect with the people you work with?

Have you ever wanted your team to be...vibing? Many people yearn connect and work together with less effort. And yet how many of us have had that less-than-pleasant team experience where we feel burdened by inefficiency, our creativity … [Read more...]


It’s about finding your own voice

After four sessions an adult singer said to me yesterday: "I think what I'm beginning to understand is that it's not about sounding like someone else, it's about finding what my own voice sounds like." AMEN!   … [Read more...]


Singing Camp 2014 – The Final Results

Creating the backing lyrics to the kids' arrangement.

Last week 6 kids came together to do something quite brave - for the first time ever, create their own a cappella arrangement in just 3 mornings. Take a look and listen and be prepared to smile your face off:   Day 1 - They met each … [Read more...]