New Voice Studio Space in Charlottesville’s Historical Downtown Mall

In the last two weeks something rather magical and unexpected happened. The opportunity to rent a floor for teaching voice came into my hands and I decided to take the leap!

114 E Main Street #300

Charlottesville, VA 22902

is the location.


Save this image to your phone if you want to quickly be able to text an easy visual map to a friend (or to yourself!)


If you are walking from The Paramount Theater towards The Jefferson Theater, we are 2 doors before the entry to The Jefferson.


The door is a little bit like entering Diagon Alley (for all you Harry Potter fans). You don’t really notice it until you do. It’s a rather unassuming entrance, quietly smiling at you from near the famous mosaic rainbow tile couch.


The entry! Will become a teaching room but right now is the friendly entry room.


The large common room. Previously loved by yoginis of Charlottesville through Hydra Yoga Spa, this room will host salons, open mics, improv singing, a cappella music, talks, intensive group coaching programs and more. This was the room that made me realize it would be GREAT to have a dedicated physical space for the ongoing inquiry and study on the voice as a science and art!


Also, the heartwood pine floors you guys. Building built in 1846…a lot of good energy in here!


I don’t have a photo yet that does the back third room justice (bottom of collage, center). It is deceptively large and could fit a 15 person choir comfortably. It will be the main teaching room. It gets great natural light by day.

The day I decided to make this move a named popped into my head on what to call this space:

“The Center for Vocal Study”

(I do realize the accronym is “CVS” and the inconveniences of that…)

Maybe it will be “Charlottesville’s Center for Vocal Study.” I’m open to your input.

The idea is that instead of having a traditional teaching studio based on my name I can instead create a community oriented space that fills the need for technical singing instruction in a supportive environment. Some of the things I’ve been doing in the last four years include running singing camps (boys a cappella, multi-generational hymn sings), small group coaching programs, performance salons where  singers can share a song they are working on and also receive feedback and coaching, talks with guest experts…all of this now will have a home base.

In the coming weeks I will be focusing on adapting to the new space, figuring out flow and updating my schedule. I will also be launching a donation-based brown bag lunch series with guest speakers on topics that relate to singing, performance, and careers.

Currently parking validation is not a service offered.

If you are interested in taking lessons, please click on this link to book your appointment.


If you would like to be on my email update visit my studio website and you can fill in your information on the side bar. list visit In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram @hlhightower or here.

Looking forward to sharing in new musical adventures with the wonderful business community of downtown Charlottesville. Thank you!


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