3 Tips for Making the Most of your Audition

Contrary to what many people think, not all great singers are just born. Great singers are made - through belief in themselves, space to share their music, and a cultivated inner strength. I believe we are all born naturally musical, and we're either … [Read more...]


Make Your Musical Dreams Happen NOW

Carly performing her recital, after 3 months of working together. A woman of action!

"It all started with my need for music in my life, again. In the end, I rejuvenated my love affair with singing and gained more confidence in my abilities than I could have imagined. In high school, I was constantly rejected from a cappella groups, … [Read more...]


My Ideal Student: A Venn Diagram

Heather Hightower idea student

This morning one of my students came for her weekly vocal coaching lesson. We found ourselves laughing, making weird faces, and giggling about Trekkies. Here's what she sent me after our time together: "Heather Hightower's Ideal Student … [Read more...]


How to Keep Singing Your Song, No Matter What They Think


When I hear you sing, I become a joyful song Boundless, without limits, like the kindness of God. Rumi ♥ When I read this quote, posted onto my Facebook wall by a massage therapist friend of mine, it made my heart swell with love and gratitude. … [Read more...]