Stretch Your Heart 3 Sizes Today

How to Stretch Your Heart 3 Sizes Today...wouldn't that be nice?

"Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought. Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode … [Read more...]


Come away with me in the night.

  Come away with me in the night. Come away with me where you feel free to be you, where you feel free to live your life the way you wish to live your life. Come away with me where you let imperfections stand out there, perfect in their … [Read more...]


Mastering the Art of Enrolling Clients WITHOUT an Email List, Internet Marketing or Blogging

Rich Litvin, (, gave me almost an hour of his time so I could share the goodness with you!

Here it is! My wonderfully delightful 39 minute interview with one of the world's most exclusive coaches: Two years ago I headed out to sunny San Diego for a conference led by a wonderful coach, Christian Mickelsen. It was called "Cash, … [Read more...]


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from my Voice Teacher…and other deep teachings for life.

"To know and not do is to not know." - Buddha In fact, I'm not sure if Buddha can take the credit to this quote, or another philosopher. Perhaps it should be attributed to my voice teacher. Every time I see my voice teacher I tell her she needs … [Read more...]


7 Secrets to Killer Karaoke: Confessions of a Classically Trained Soprano

Now. Time to be fabulous. (photocredit derekGavey on flickr)

  With over 15 years of private, weekly vocal instruction under my belt you'd think that karaoke would be a breeze in the park. Not so. I used to get sweaty palms, shaky voice, and worse...shaky mouth singing karaoke. It was a recipe … [Read more...]


Admitting Your True Love – An 8 Step Process to Restore Your Creative Genius

I know that if you're reading this blog post, there is something inside of you you are aching to express, aching to get out of you, aching to admit to the world. You have something deep within that comes out sometimes, if not on a frequent basis, and … [Read more...]