Alice Parker Hymn Camp – The Front Porch

May 31 - June 3 Join us in singing hymns from Alice Parker's "Melodious Accord" Hymnal

May 31 – June 3 Join us in singing hymns from Alice Parker’s “Melodious Accord” Hymnal

Alice Parker Hymn Camp!
Tuesday May 31- Friday June 3, 2016

We are very excited to be offering this 4 afternoon camp through Charlottesville’s roots music school, The Front Porch!

If you already know you want to register (you totally do) go on ahead and click HERE.

Here’s the description that appears on The Front Porch’s site:
Join song leaders Heather Hightower and Beth Neville Evans for a week of singing Alice Parker hymns! This four-afternoon camp nestled in the heart of central Virginia will take us back to our singing roots celebrating the simplicity and ease of a cappella part-singing. As the heat of the day begins to ease up, we’ll sit in the shade of a tree with nothing more than a pitch pipe and our hymnals and make our way through our favorites. We are thrilled to offer this through Charlottesville’s new roots music school, The Front Porch!

•    Ages 12 and up
•    Music reading skills not necessary (although openness to learning music reading skills necessary)
•    Beginners and advanced singers alike
•    Unlimited enrollment
•    Wear comfortable clothing
•    Bring: water bottle, pencil
•    Course Materials:

Alice Parker’s Melodious Accord Hymnal 2010

Available through Gia Publications for $15.00
Available on Amazon for $29.99
A limited number of hymnals are available for borrowing. Contact the organizers if you wish to reserve one. If you do not already have it in your library you will want it by the time you’re finished with camp so we recommend you buy your own copy!

Here’s a little from me:

Beth Neville and I met in 2006 when she offered me a job teaching music in the highlands of Guatemala near Mexico. Since then we’ve enjoyed co-leading groups in song. Beth Neville is the Music Director at Cove Presbyterian Church where the small choir always sings 4-part harmony, almost always a cappella. I began attending Cove through my connection to Beth Neville and I learned about Alice Parker through this weekly song study. I like how the hymns invite groups of singers to higher levels of musicianship through interesting and singable arrangements. Alice’s harmonies teach even beginning singers a wider breadth of sounds and are satisfying for more advanced musicians. I like that Alice Parker is out there in the world making her music and spreading the joy of song, keeping it real and accessible. And, I love where we’ll be singing – a place that invites you to slow down and enjoy the rhythms of life.

From Beth Neville:
Alice Parker, though most well known for her compositions and arrangements of sacred music, is most important to me for her advocacy for singing in everyday life.  She laments that we have become passive listeners and that as a culture, we no longer sit around and sing. At age ninety, she still travels the country leading “sings” at churches and at community centers.  The focus is never on technique, it is on singing as expression of emotions, from love to joy to sadness and even anger.  This range of emotion does not require an operatic voice.  Anyone can sing this way, given the chance. The most ordinary song or hymn comes alive when imbued with the emotion intended.  She has taught me that singing is not following the little black dots on the page, but listening to each other, and singing.

Registration fee: $150
Registration Fee accepted in advance online through The Front Porch

*This camp is geared towards mature youth and adults and requires the ability to focus and sing for an extended period of time. It may be suitable for children under the age of 12 on a case-by-case basis, only with previous choral experience and with approval from the organizers in advance. If you are interested in attending but care for a child is a barrier to your participation please email us. There are currently no plans for providing childcare but if there is a determined need for a solution that would affect multiple families we may be able to assist you in creating a solution.


See you there!

p.s. someone asked me if this was just for women. Nope. Men and women, young and old!

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