Let’s make some waves. Shall we? Yes, yes we shall.

Hi! I’m Heather Hightower. I’m based in Charlottesville, VA where I have the pleasure of being the director of the Field School boys choir (those middle school boys keep me sharp) and a sweet home base from which I coach my private clients. The meta-theme here is on sharing your voice.

This blog is a place where I aim to share some of the things that I find myself saying to my peeps that I think might help you.  I’m not a regular or particularly dedicated blogger (maybe that will change…) and things are constantly evolving, so please read my site with a grain of salt.

Most people ask me if I can teach them how to sing.

My practice has shifted. I love teaching people how to sing…and currently I am teaching fewer voice lessons than ever before. What I’m finding is that the art of singing is inextricably tied to landscape of the mind. It’s becoming increasingly important to me to work with singers in a way that consciously acknowledges the whole…and the fun part is that this stretches far beyond what we do with a song. It reaches into the rest of our lives.

So, yes, there are ways I can teach you and work with you…here’s how:

- Fall Program for Singers - For those wanting to connect with their voice – the technical side of things – the breathing, the rep, the technique, the confidence, the performance ability…this is your opportunity. This fall I’m asking my singers to come together on a regular basis. We start the first week of September and end November 20th.  Over 12 weeks, adults have 6 individual voice lessons and 6 group coaching sessions. Youth have 9 individual lessons and 3 group coaching sessions. We culminate with a final performance. This is a small group of fewer than 10 singers total. Continue reading here.

*Enrollment for this program closed September 5th. If you’d like to be considered for any future programs that may be similar in nature, please contact me through through my web form.

-  Private Coaching. Then there’s everything else. Beyond the song. Beyond the music. Beyond the hour we’re together singing. What I’ve seen over the years is that the clients who generate lasting shifts are the ones who open their lives to a new awareness. The clients who open to themselves as a whole. What I’ve seen is that often the person who is drawn to connecting with their voice is often also drawn to drawing out their voice into their lives.

I was drawn to coaching as an art 4 years ago and the evolution of supporting my clients on a deeper level has happened over time. When we put down the music and bring everything else into the room.

So what do we do?

We talk thought. We open into the awareness of the programming that is informing our lives. We open to insight. We talk. Sometimes, depending on the person, we sing. But that depends on the person. And you get into action. You find that the things that were holding you back are no longer gripping you in the same way. You find that creation takes on a certain ease that may have previously felt elusive.

Because of my musical background, I tend to attract clientele who are – what I would call – artistically open. They’re not all musicians by a long shot – they’re doctors and office managers and caretakers and CEOs and entrepreneurs and researchers. They’re the ones who sense the connection between what’s within and what’s being expressed on the physical level. They’re the ones who are masters at creating and are constantly seeking to find even greater ease with their lives.

I meet with clients in person, by phone, Skype/Google+ and do retreats both locally and have even led a client on an international retreat (that was a new and exciting adventure for both of us!)

Together, we’re dropping out of what we know and opening into what new can come through.

- Corporate team and leadership trainings. Adjust your office culture. My musical leadership skills combine with my coaching skills [cue karate chop] and we bring it to your larger team. Take a look here.


“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Ghandi
And, when I’m not getting all professionally dolled up, I’m usually wearing a tank and jeans:
In Antigua, Guatemala July 2014. On a flower mission.

In Antigua, Guatemala July 2014. On a flower mission.

Antigua, Guatemala December 2012. Another flower mission. It is one of my favorite places on this earth. It just feeds and soothes my soul. Ahhhh.