5 Days until Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012

Last night the stars were sprinkling the skies (though I was curled up in bed and missed the show).

Including today, there are 5 days until Voices of Light: Guatemala 2012.

One of the things that makes Voices of Light a different musical offering is the inclusion of local touches – local musicians, local production team, local photographer from a not-so-formerly waterless village on the exact opposite side of the country in the northern regions of Huehuetenango (who just graduated university in the city, by the way, making him the first ever college graduate from his village).

Accordingly, amidst organizing final details, it´s been very important to me to make time to settle into the energy here. That means street food, taxis, tuk tuks, long cobblestone street walks, standing up on the public bus for over an hour and a half smooshed in between a hot dutch backpacker, three tiny children and two mothers. Visiting the market, talking to new friends, and reconnecting with old friends are all an integral part to weaving a fabric of energy that when I open up my mouth on Tuesday, my vibration is resonant with the dominant vibration here. And then I can add my own magic here.

Very thrilled that today come two international musicans and I´ll be rehearsing the children from the Antigua park who shine shoes and sell candy to help put food on their parents table.

I have to go run get the rental house opened up, so until we meet again…

Here are a few glimpses of my week of preparation since arriving last week:

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Making music for a beautiful wedding in Panajachel, on the waterfront of Lake Atitlan

Union Church of Guatemala, where we rehearse and I´ll be singing on Sunday with the choir



Chuchitos – best street food ever.

Changing a tire on the side of the highway.

Wonderful sauna and massage treatment with Tzules Sunan in Santa Ana, who also has a wonderful command of the Mayan Calendar daily teaching. Voices of Light is on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 which is 1 Noj – apparently a day supporting mental energy, also the day that the elders used to come together to make decisions for the future.

The magic of Lake Atitlan does not escape me…the volcanoes greeted me by morning.


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