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Excited to be performing in this production of Leonard Bernstein's "Candide" this weekend!   … [Read more...]


Airy sounds, vocal folds that aren't closing fully, weak sounds, lack of stamina, lack of resonance.... I want to is your breath? Are you drinking in breath, filling yourself with life? Have you grown accustomed to breathing only so … [Read more...]


What about DOING something with your voice?

When someone tells me they "just want to sing for fun" it's a clue to me that - more likely than not - they're experiencing unwanted stress and they view singing as a temporary relief outlet that's cheaper than therapy with some fringe benefits. Like … [Read more...]


Falling Open to the Music

There's this place where we fall open to all-that-is, where in our singing we lose ourselves, we lose our minds from where they've been frantically turning over and over. We fall open to the creative life force that exists at all times. We fall open … [Read more...]


  Recorded 11.10.13 Cove Presbyterian Church Covesville, VA Heather Hightower, soprano - Linda Blondel, piano Recorded on my iPhone. I chose this image for this track because that's what it feels like when you get swept away in the … [Read more...]


It's not that you can't's that you might not have learned yet how to feel your way through your voice in your different registers. Before you are quick to tell yourself you can't sing, give yourself the gift of a little guidance on how to … [Read more...]


We Are Being Breathed – The Balance of Managing and Allowing Breath

There is a place where our bodies are breathed for us, no effort on our behalf needed. Our body does what it needs to do. It opens up, it relaxes, it supports our sound. We do not want to get in the way of this. As we connect with the mechanics of … [Read more...]


Rachmaninoff - Vocalise soprano - Heather Hightower, piano - Heber Morales Antigua, Guatemala December 18, 2012 … [Read more...]


There is a difference between those who "put their hand up" for a solo and those who do not. I was reminded of this as I led my boys choir, a small group at the Field School of Charlottesville. We've been learning "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and for … [Read more...]


New or (Kinda) Out of Shape Singers – Give Yourself 3 Months

  I recently spoke with a woman who wanted to give her husband the gift of voice lessons. She asked me what is involved. I know that he's a percussionist, is in a band, has a strong speaking voice and a quiet singing voice. Without having met … [Read more...]