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Today I bring you the simple joy of a cappella music AND a behind the scenes discussion with my song partner, Beth Neville Evans, the founder of The Ixtatan Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the socio-economic growth of San Mateo Ixtatan through … [Read more...]


Need an hour to get your spirit revved up and then let your tears pour out? Yep, West Side Story is it.   The Song: "One Hand, One Heart"  from the Broadway musical "West Side Story." This interpretation of Shakespeare's "Romeo & … [Read more...]


Keep it tall: It’s neither a destination nor a stopping point along the way

"To know and not do is to not know." - Buddha In fact, I'm not sure if Buddha can take the credit to this quote, or another philosopher. Perhaps it should be attributed to my voice teacher. Every time I see my voice teacher I tell her she needs … [Read more...]